D-DAY  is a reflective coloured product with golden reflected light  with changing visual effects depending on the viewing angle
Its refractivity (from 80 to 130 cad/lux/ m2 ) allows good visibility at night for outdoor sports activities .
We produce D-DAY  on three different  bases :
-TT 500 D-DAY . Rigid coloured reflective thermotransfer suitable for plotter cut  (logos) .
-TT 400  D-DAY. Elastic  coloured reflective thermotransfer  suitable for elastic fabrics and laser cut. 
-RF 500 D-DAY. 
Coloured reflective fabric to be sewed.
We highlight the excellent mechanical resistance and the considerable adhesion to the most common 
fabrics .
D-DAY products show good  refractivity and colorimetry properties ,looking
good  even after 50 washing cycles at 60°C.