Sport fashion

Coloured reflective bands allow good visibility at night in outdoor sports activities .
To comply with the latest safety requirements  in other fields, and not only workwear, with a  view to keeping garments fashionable , we produce colours on three different bases :
TT 500  
Rigid coloured reflective thermotransfer suitable for plotter cut (logos) .  
TT 400 
Elastic  coloured reflective thermotransfer suitable for elastic fabrics and laser cut.
RF 500 
Coloured reflective fabric to be sewed. 
Thermotransfer products have excellent mechanical resistance and perfectly adhere to the most common fabrics.
Our coloured products keep good refractivity and colorimetry properties.
They look good  even after 50 washing cycles at 60°C.
Further to the colours available in our catalogue, IRC can customize the required colour and base, providing flame retardant or  segmented version.