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IRC INTERNATIONAL REFLECTIVE COMPANY SPA, is an international company established in 1981.

IRC INTERNATIONAL REFLECTIVE COMPANY SPA produces and sells the best “film and fabrics with high visibility” all over the World, with a continuous research of innovative products with high technological contents.

Since its establishement IRC INTERNATIONAL REFLECTIVE COMPANY SPA has dealed with International Business on material “ Holograms and Holographic “ and has constantly increased the market sharing in international Markets such as the area “CAR LICENSE PLATE and FLEET & COMMERCIAL GRAPHICS “

IRC INTERNATIONAL REFLECTIVE COMPANY SPA products are made in Italy in IRC plants and are certified according to products Specification. IRC INTERNATIONAL REFLECTIVE COMPANY SPA alwais contributes to protect the Human Healthand the Environment and in March 2012 it has realized the New system type regenerative Thermal Oxidation for the Treatment of Atmospheric Emissions

IRC INTERNATIONAL REFLECTIVE COMPANY SPA has a certified Quality system according to ISO 9001: 2008. Historical member of the italian UNI agency for Technical standardization.
From the beginning of the year 2013 the IRC Spa company succeeded to obtain the CE certification for its products in accordance with the EN 12899 of the 2008.

The Reliability and High Technology products made by IRC INTERNATIONAL REFLECTIVE COMPANY SPA are know around the World as well as IRC Trademarks

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CLP 2000

Use:Fabrication of reflective car license plates


General characteristics:
EUROLUX® CAR LICENCE PLATE (CLP 2000) reflective sheeting range is made of a retroreflective self adhesive material covered with a transparent or coloured coating which gives the product excellent protection against outdoor conditions (U.V. rays, rain, temperature, etc.). EUROLUX® CAR LICENCE PLATE (CLP 2000) reflective sheeting is designed for embossing use in fabrication of reflective license plates (PVC free materials).

Sheeting identification mark:
EUROLUX® CAR LICENCE PLATE (CLP 2000) sheetings may be produced with an indelible embedded mark as anti-fake system or name/brand of the manufacturer. This mark maintains the same features far beyond the guaranted life of the product.

Product printability:
EUROLUX® CAR LICENCE PLATE (CLP 2000) reflective sheetings can be printed through:
A) Roll coat inks specific designed for car licence plate printing, both solvent and water based.
B) Hot stamping foil technique.
C) Digital printing: good results has been achieved also with this printing technique. In any case the ink’s compatibility has to be duly achieved by the user after prior trials.
D) Screen printing with EUROLUX® XFM ink series (manufacturer: IRC Spa)
Internal tests proved high compatibility also with screen printing polyurethane inks especially designed for road signs.

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